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Sample Systems

PIne Island Solar, LLC

Sample systems are estimated only. 
Site conditions will determine actual cost of installation

Important News!

30% Federal Tax Credit extended to 2016.

$2,000 cap on federal tax credit is eliminated!

Xcel Energy customers may be eligible for $1.50 per watt Rebate.

Mounting the system on a 26.6 degree slope (6/12) will reduce the yearly electrical production by 1 to 2 percent.  Mounting on a roof which faces 10 degrees off from due south will reduce the yearly production by up to 2 percent.  The solar pathfinder image below shows shading every month of the year after 2:30 pm.  Each month is represented with an arch; with the time of day running left to right on the solar pathfinder. The proposed system's azimuth (direction it will be facing) is also off from due south (180 degrees).


Drainback Solar Systems 
A drainback system for domestic hot water will run from $10,000 to $12,000 installed.  The system needs to be sized for the family served with the appropriate size of storage tank and panels used in the system. The price given is just an estimate only because site conditions, size of storage needed and access to mechanical room will determine the actual expenses to install.  Added weight on roof system will need to be checked by an structural engineer with any added framing included in the cost of installation. 

This system has 2- 4' x 6'-6" panels mounted at 45 degrees. The pipe insulation is 1 inch thick armaflex on the exterior with 2 inch fiberglass pipe insulation on the interior.  The drainback tank is an 8 gallon tank using a 50 gallon electric water heater as the storage.  The water lines are 3/4 inch copper to the panels with 1/2 inch to the storage tank.  The water heater is turned off and acts as a tempering tank for a high efficiency gas water heater.  Clothes are washed on sunny days when the solar heat is available which will save additional gas. 



This house has 16- 208 watt Sharp modules with a Fronius inverter.  The yearly production is estimated at 4,760 KWH.  I was estimating an average of 300 KWH per month when designing the home.  The production was been right on track with the original estimates.  Two 4x8 flat plate hot water solar panels with a drainback system have been installed and operating effectively for the summer.  This house has exterior insulated aluminum shutters on the south windows with larger overhangs to provide shading during the summer.  The exterior walls are super insulated and the roof trusses are 22 inches high at the exterior walls.  The exterior walls are R-32 and the attic is R-50.

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