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Sample Top of Pole Systems

PIne Island Solar, LLC

Top of Pole Racks


Sometimes roof mounting doesn't work.  Top of pole racks are engineered for local conditions.  The height above finish grade can vary.  The racks are set at a 45 degree angle and are fixed.  To achieve more production, the racks can be adjusted at a lower angle during the summer.  These racks do not  track the sun. 

48 modules with microinverters


System:  4 strings of 7 Sharp 216 Watt Modules,  Fronius IG5100 Inverter, 8 inch schedule 40 galv. steel pipes, DPW Top of Pole Racks.


Two systems:  2 string of 8 Sharp 224 Watt Modules with each having a Fronius Inverter.  DPW top of pole racks mounted on 6 inch schedule 40 galv. steel pipes.


170 Modules with Enphase microinverters.


Winona High School.  Enphase microinverters.

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