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Energy Savings Example

PIne Island Solar, LLC

Water, Gas and Electrical Usage
Two Story 2760 Square foot home plus 960 square foot basement
3 Full Baths, 4 Bedroom
Heated Workshop 672 square feet with full basement
2 Adults and 3 children from age 18 to 21

Water usage Average 2005 through 2006:   10,300 gallons per month
Water saving measures taken,  January 2007 to present:  Dual flush toilets, Delta High efficiency shower heads, Rain barrels to water garden, high efficiency dishwasher and washing machine.
Water usage Average from January 2007 to present:  5,682 gallons per month
Heating Systems, Natural Gas: Lennox Pulse furnace in house and high efficiency gas furnace in workshop, Gas Domestic hot water
Energy Saving measures taken:  Switched to CFL and LED light bulbs, Added 1512 PV System and Domestic solar hot water to preheat water entering gas water heater.  Domestic Solar hot water uses 2- 4x6 flat plate panels in drainback system.  The solar systems were installed in the fall of 2008.
Results:  May electric bill had 296 KWH of usage with a bill of $42.27
              May gas bill was 9 therms of gas at a cost of $14.07  Last June had 30 therms of usage

This house has double 2x4 wall, Andersen Windows and wood foundation under house. 

Reduce your need for energy before sizing any solar system.

The money spent on energy savings is money well spent. 

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