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Wind Turbines

PIne Island Solar, LLC

Bergey Wind Turbine

Other turbins available:   Polaris, Endurance, Proven, Evance, Southwest, Kestrel and  Bornay

Bergey XL1 
Estimated production 115 to 235 kwh per month with average wind speeds of about 10 mph.

Bergey XL.1 on 100 foot tower

24 volt system to charge battery bank with optional small solar add on to system. 

For more information go to the Bergey link on home page. 

Bergey BWC Excel 10Kw Turbine.
The best option is the highest tower possible using the guyed lattice tower.  The guyed lattice tower is the most economical to install but requires a larger area to install. 
The 10kw will produce approximately 1,140 to 1,240 kwh per month on a 100 foot tower with 12 mph average wind speed.
Bergey has announced that they have lengthened the warranty from 5 years to 10 years.  This is the longest warranty available for wind turbines.  Bergey has also switched to a more efficient inverter which they say will increase production by approximately 15%. 

Bergey Excel 10KW

The tower was assembled prior to the crane coming to site.  The crane lifted the tower which was than supported using 6x6 lumber.


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