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New Solar Home

PIne Island Solar, LLC

New Solar Home ! 

   The footings have been poured with full depth pea rock for drainage under foundation.  The Thermal Storage Tank has been set. The copper pipes are sealed on the inside and outside  Twelve inches of high density foam insulation is going on the sides and top of tank.  The tank is to be sealed to prevent leakage due to thermal expansion.  Two pipes are for sensors.  One sensor is at the top of the water level and the other is at the bottom.  Two pipes are for the heating loop and two are for the solar loop.  Specific information on the heat exchanger and material used inside the tank are private at this time.


ICF Foundation (Insulated Concrete Forms) is installed and ready for concrete placement.


Placing concrete in ICF forms.


In floor heating installed, roof system with 12/12 slope facing south.

Passive solar with south glass

Specific information on the thermal storage system private. 

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